Account Executive

Tahir Nisar

Tahir Nisar


NMLS License # 1416650
(703) 885-0816
Suite 100 & 200
RESTON, VA 20190
(703) 885-0816
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Customer Testimonials For Tahir

I had a wonderful experience with Guidance Residential to refinance my home at a lower rate. I also used Guidance Residential with my original mortgage and I'm satisfied with them.

Scott W.

Alhamdolillah, we are now in the new house that we bought with the help of Allah SWT and then with your assistance in closing this deal. At this moment, my family and I would like to thank you for the many details that you provided, and for being always there. In particular, you have been very knowledgeable about the Sharia Compliant home owner finance, and you have communicated that to us directly and through different opportunities. In addition, you have been available to us to respond to our communications during late evening hours or weekends, by phone, or by email. That made things really easy to us. I remember when I called one late evening and I told you that I need to change the entire finance structure from 25% closing to 20% closing. I expected you to shout and get irritated, because we were only few days to close. Instead, you were calm and took care of it next morning, and we had to delay the closing by only one week. I also like that you were keeping every communication professional and private. You helped me to navigate through your online system of emails, which ensured that our communication is secured and private. I have a previous experience with another Halal Financing mortgage, and my communication with them was not satisfactory. You showed me how important it is to have a reliable and available person at the other end of the wire to facilitate the process. It is the biggest purchase a person may have, and it was very good with Guidance, alhamdolillah. At the end, I want to thank Allah SWT again for putting you on our way, and that the process went very smoothly. I will definitely recommend Guidance to others, and would highly recommend you as the point of contact, if I may :) You will hear from me soon insha Allah, once we sell our house in NC. We will need to put that money into our account with you to reduce the monthly payment. Please keep tuned to that.

Jazak Allah-u Khayran
Altijani H.